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The Bark-It List Fund for Muttville Hospice Dogs Grants Dying Dog’s Wish: A Spa Day for Nubia!

May 28, 2014

nubia’s wish: to feel beautiful   i’m nubia! i’m a rubenesque shih tzu with attitude, and my favorite color is purple. i love to listen to prince, and i have a style that is all my own.  after Muttville Senior Dog Rescue took me in, they found out that my body is riddled with tumors. […]

small club is hiring! 2 dog walkers needed

March 17, 2014

small club is looking for: 2 SENIOR-LEVEL DOG WALKERS Candidates must be able to work for small club as a contractor. We want people with a commendable track record and excellent references who hold a high standard of safety and care for dogs in his/her care as a dog walking professional. Experience in volunteering and […]

amber says: let’s start getting happy now! ready?

July 4, 2013

amber loves music! be sure to turn the sound on to enjoy her video (hover over the upper left corner of the video to see the sound button) amber says: let’s start getting happy now! ready? amber was our perfectly badass/sweetheart combo foster dog from muttville senior dog rescue. her spirited personality is inimitable.  as […]

small club gear: a harness is essential for safe walking

June 25, 2013

what’s the big deal about harnesses? small club requires all members to wear a harness and provide their own ID tags, rabies vaccination tags, and city dog license. members also wear a small club info tag and a small club leash or long line (provided for your dog on each outing) to participate in adventures. […]

Q&A with Calvin: BUDDY, a senior dog for adoption… a exclusive!

June 10, 2013

guess who got ADOPTED after his new forever family saw the little video of him walking on his small club: free walks for foster dogs adventure? buddy from muttville senior dog rescue! congrats to buddy and his lucky new family. big thanks to grouchy puppy for sharing buddy’s interview with their enthusiastic audience. read buddy’s […]

beast of the bay awards 2013: small club wins runner-up in both ‘dog walking’ and ‘dog sitting’ thanks to your votes…

March 1, 2013

    congratulations to all the fantastic winners of bay woof’s annual “beast of the bay awards!” small club is thrilled to be a runner-up in both the dog walking and dog sitting categories. thank you to all our fans who took the time to vote for us! small club is awesome. but why? it […]

calvin: how to cope with scary stuff: surviving the blue angels air show and other noisy things

October 5, 2012

my killer advice on how to cope with being an anxious dog and not die… here’s another scary thing i hate: the blue angels! “blue angels” sound like angels of death to me. so loud! so unpredictable! when the noise begins, i cant see anything in the sky, then suprise! enormous blue and yellow birds […]

how to have fun: video by calvin

April 24, 2012

calvin demonstrates one of his formulas for fun…    

pico: member of the month only lasts one month?

April 20, 2012

our dear young pico did not realize that his reign as “member of the month” would last only one month.  he has loved the perks – riding shotgun in the car, getting first licks at the water bowl, and running at the front of the pack. his sisters loved everything in his extraordinary gift basket- […]

isn’t she lovely: our new foster dog looks like a lamb (by calvin)

January 10, 2012

Hello Lovely! she looks like a little lamb. her dark eyes are soft and deep set. her tan fur is cropped short from a “shelter cut.” she is our new foster dog here at small club headquarters! she is called Lovely because she is quiet, dignified and beautiful. of course, we also call her Sneaky. […]