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Senior Dog Health and Nutrition Seminar with Dr. Adam: DOGGONE PAIN: how to identify and alleviate pain in dogs

September 4, 2014

small club presents… Senior Dog Health and Nutrition Seminars with Dr. Adam! watch the video of dr adam’s presentation and click here to review dr. adam’s “lecture notes” hand out from the seminar Topic Summary DOGGONE PAIN Most dogs conceal their pain – so how can I tell when my dog is in pain? How […]

Gracie’s Old Dog Review: joint supplements

August 24, 2012

ouch. my knees hurt. my hips hurt. my back hurts. but i want to get out to smell the new smells around town…. my people insist that i walk a little every day. some days i don’t feel like it, but i need the exercise; i need to keep this old body moving so it […]