our muttville foster dogs

our muttville foster dogs

small club’s
honorary members

small club has been fostering dogs for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue since 2008. we have experience with dogs of all sizes and temperaments who are older, have special needs, and are in need of basic training.

“free adventures for foster dogs” program

are you fostering a small dog for an animal rescue group? apply for free or discounted adventures for your foster dog. fill out our membership application and write “foster dog” in the comments section.

read small club’s monthly column, “q&a with calvin”

read small club’s exclusive interview series on the blog, grouchy puppy! every month, calvin interviews a senior dog waiting for a new home at Muttville.

this month, calvin talks to:

tommy g

leave the gun, take the doxie

leave the gun, take the doxie


read calvin’s interview here!

who’s living at small club hq?

our current muttville foster and hospice dog:

nubia: turns out this girl is a real ham! she's destined to stay at small club til the end, a happy ending indeed for the noobs!

nubia: i ‘m a real ham!


meet nubia! 

making mischief and snoring are her specialties, and she plans to do plenty of both in the time she has left. nubia has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and thanks to muttville’s loving fospice care program, she’s destined to stay at small club til the end. a happy ending indeed for the noobs!



success stories

a few of our former foster dogs now in loving homes

just a few of small club's "hall of fame" members

just a few of small club’s “hall of fame” members


this page is dedicated to our muttville hospice dogs,
danny boy and collette.

danny boy! creator of the first "barkit list" for dogs... find out what he's checked off his list on his small club blog: click on this picture!

danny boy made us laugh and smile with his joyfulness for 15 happy months. he will forever be known as the creator of the first “barkit list” for dogs. what wishes did danny check off his list before he kicked the bucket in may 2014?

click on his picture to find out.


in loving memory of collette

collette was our special girl who came to Muttville. she was with us for 15 months, and she brought us joy everyday. read about the story of collette.

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