small club senior dog daycare services

small club senior dog daycare services








small club’s dog daycare services:

  • provide a cage-free alternative to “kennel” style boarding with beds of all sizes (and crates for those who love crates)
  • are supervised by experienced foster dog caregivers for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue who are certified in Pet CPR and Pet First Aid
  • include a daily walk with a senior small club adventure group or other appropriate activity for your dog
  • offer administration of prescription medication, supplements and herbs of all kinds.
  • provide care for diabetic dogs, including glucose testing and insulin injections
  • can also provide customized ‘special needs’ care. please call us to discuss.


small club’s dog daycare services are great for:

  • dogs of all breeds who weigh (or should weigh!) 30 lbs or less
  • dogs whose owners are away from home for over 5 hours in a day
  • dogs who like to be with other small dogs – whether playing, napping or just lounging around
  • old dogs, super old dogs, and even middle-aged dogs



  • $50 per day, includes group walk or appropriate enrichment activities 
    discounts can apply to dogs who come to daycare 3 or more days per week.

add-on services:

  • $15/trip – pick up or drop off
  • $10/day – diabetes management
  • $2-$10 – breakfast or dinner (small club’s homemade stew), depending on your dog’s portion size
  • $10/hour – evening care (6pm-9pm)
  • $30 each – doggy bath at pawtrero bath & feed co.
  • $15-20 – nail trim
  • $30 each – taxi to scheduled appointments, i.e. vet, grooming, acupuncture, massage
  • customized care plans – call to discuss rates
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