small club dog walking services

small club dog walking services









small club’s dog walking services are:

  • one on one or semi-private outings with one or two compatible dogs
  • led by professional dogwalkers who are certified in Pet CPR & Pet First Aid and graduates of Pawsitive Tails: School For Dog Walkers.
  • adapted to your dog’s age, activity level and personality

small club’s dog walking services are great for:

  • dogs of all breeds who weigh (or should weigh!) 30 lbs or less
  • clients who live within san francisco
  • blind dogs, deaf dogs, arthritic dogs
  • curious dogs, shy dogs, dogs who chase squirrels, dogs who sniff every tree, fetchers and chasers, slow walkers, dogs who can’t slow down
  • old dogs, young dogs, and even middle-aged dogs

does my dog needs a dog walker?

small club dogs need their exercise –  physical, social and mental.  if you work all day, your dog needs a break! being a member of a small club semi-private walking group allows your dog to be him/herself with similar-sized peers. small dogs are real dogs that need to walk and run, hunt and chase, sniff around and bask in the sun as much as the shepherd next door.

senior dogs enjoy the company of like-minded mutts, or revel in the one on one attention a small club pro brings to their daily visits for bathroom breaks, sniffing time, midday home clean up, meals or meds.


$40 per private visit and walk

$30 per semi-private outing

shorter visits for bathroom breaks etc: cost varies – just ask !

discounts can apply to:  dogs who walk with small club full-time (4-5 days/week), multiple dog households, low-income owners, dogs who refer neighbor dogs to join their group, and other special situations. just ask!


small club’s dog walks are Monday through Friday between 9am and 6pm. (includes pick up and drop off)

most private walks are 30 minutes of quality time.

semi private groups may run longer, walking on trails, playing in fields, and exploring the world.

senior dogs may also spend time doing their favorite activity like sniffing or soaking up sunbeams. 

how….do I join?

if your dog would like to join small club, please fill out our online application.

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