The Bark-It List Fund for Muttville Hospice Dogs Grants Dying Dog’s Wish: A Spa Day for Nubia!

May 28th, 20142:32 am @


Nubia: I feel beautiful!

nubia:  i do feel beautful!

nubia’s wish: to feel beautiful


i’m nubia! i’m a rubenesque shih tzu with attitude, and my favorite color is purple. i love to listen to prince, and i have a style that is all my own.  after Muttville Senior Dog Rescue took me in, they found out that my body is riddled with tumors. i got to join the fospice program! that means i live in a foster-hospice home and enjoy life until it’s time for me to die peacefully, with dignity and surrounded by love. not a bad deal, i guess! i’m having so much fun marching around, eating poop and sunbathing that i’ve lived much longer than expected.

when danny boy asked me what was on my bark-it list, i told him my number one wish: i want to feel beautiful! thanks to danny’s bark-it list fund for muttville hospice dogs, i got to have a spa day, and best of all i got purple nail polish! i had never been to a groomer before and it was awesome. ashley at mudpuppy’s spoiled me rotten with a warm bath, gently massaging my achy body with conditioner that smelled like mangoes. it was hard to sit still for the blueberry facial… i just wanted to eat the berries! then ashley gave me a cute haircut and put my bangs up with a purple ribbon. the best part came last: ashley painted my nails purple! when my foster dad came to pick me up i was beaming. i was so excited that i came flying out of the pen and fell on my face. cut me some slack, people – i am mostly blind! when i got home, all the dogs said i look so good, and i feel like strutting around with my head high and my tail up – so i will!



2014-03-31 11.10.24

purple! my favorite color for my nails, please


2014-03-31 11.17.53

don’t forget to wash behind my ears!


Nubia: check out my purple nails! Thank you, Ashley!

check out my purple nails! thank you, Ashley!


About hospice care at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Some dogs rescued by Muttville are found to have terminal illnesses at their initial vet check. These mutts are not returned, they are not considered unlovable or even unadoptable – instead they are given a wonderful life at the home of a foster-hospice caregiver or adopter. We respect the gifts that each of these creatures brings to the world and the people who know them, and we hold their paws when it is time for them to go. In the meantime, we strive to “make every day awesome,” as Danny Boy would say.

The Bark-It List Fund for Muttville Hospice Dogs was created by Danny Boy, a joyful cattle dog with cancer, to help other dogs in Muttville’s hospice program live their days to the fullest. Danny had his own Bark-It List – that’s a bucket list for dogs – and checked more than 20 wishes off his list during his 15 months with a Muttville foster-hospice family. See pictures of Danny checking things off his bark-it list! His lust for life kept him going for over a year in spite of his diagnosis of multiple myeloma, and he inspired many people and dogs with his motto, “make every day awesome.” He wanted other dogs with terminal illnesses, and their human companions, to embrace the philosophy “short time or long time, as long as it’s a good time.”  Danny’s fund continues to raise money to pay for hospice dogs to enjoy a final wish. Do you want to help a retriever with cancer enjoy a day at the beach, or a shih tzu with kidney failure be a model for a day? Check out The Bark-It List Fund for Muttville Hospice Dogs