small club is hiring! 2 dog walkers needed

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small club is looking for:

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.20.16 PMCandidates must be able to work for small club as a contractor. We want people with a commendable track record and excellent references who hold a high standard of safety and care for dogs in his/her care as a dog walking professional. Experience in volunteering and fostering for an animal rescue or shelter is a big plus.


• 2+ years as a professional dog walker for your own business and/or working for a licensed dog walking business
• Holds current Pet First Aid and CPR certification
• Has an active and valid San Francisco Commercial Dog Walkers Permit, or is eligible to obtain one immediately, having fulfilled the following requirements:
– Completion of 40 hour requirement training course mandated by The City and County of San Francisco.  Letter of recommendation required from school instructor.
– Has a reliable vehicle appropriate for transporting 6 small/med dogs; vehicle has passed inspection by the San Francisco Animal Care & Control.
– Has liability insurance and business license required for contractors to obtain CDW permit  (if you did not need them in your previous position, we can assist in obtaining these items.)
• Has previous experience working as a dog walking professional employee/contractor for a licensed & bonded business. References of past employment required.
• Has basic dog training skills to reinforce or teach dogs ability to come/recall, sit, stay.
• Has 3 references from Clients – either existing or past. Has 2+ years experience walking 6 dogs at once on-leash, off-leash, and combination of both.
• Has experience with dogs with special needs such as blindness, deafness and mobility issues. Extra credit for experience with health concerns like heart murmur, seizure disorder, diabetes, etc.
• Has experience with behavioral management of leash reactivity, resource guarding, noise sensitivity and fear of larger dogs
• Is presently or has previous experience as a volunteer or foster for a dog rescue or animal shelter. Also, would be willing to volunteer time to participate in learning opportunities recommended by small club.


• PART-TIME Senior-Level  Dog Walker Available for a minimum of 3 hours per day, 5 days per week, Mon-Fri
• FULL-TIME Senior Dog Walker Available for a minimum of 6 hours per day, 5 days per week, Mon-Fri
• Excellent time management skills, and is adamant about always being on time.
• Alert and extremely observant; you will regularly report observations related to dog clients to manager
• Helpful and personable when interacting with our clients’ humans
• Very careful and organized when securing client homes as instructed by manager or client
• Ensures all dogs are wearing proper ID tags, small club tags and a leash before leaving client homes.
• Ensures all dogs are safely transported in your own vehicle using safety precautions: either in crates, wearing a harness and belted in, or approved alternative (will be inspected and approved by small club)
• Follows guidelines provided to dog walkers, including and not limited to:
– Use only healthy treats that meet small club’s approval or provided by small club
– Attend to the unique needs of individual dogs, such as diet/allergies, physical limitations and emotional needs. Each client’s needs are documented and provided by small club; you will also contribute information to the client’s records to inform small club manager and other dog walkers.
• Provides additional services for clients when requested, such as feeding, administer medications, pick up or drop off at appointments, etc.
• Incorporates positive reinforcement training of recall into walks at all times. Dogs without perfect recall are always secured on leash.
• Limits use of smart phone while walking dogs. The dogs’ safety and care must never be compromised when using your phone.
• When safe, videos and photos of dogs are permitted and will be requested for use in client communications and marketing purposes.

what does small club have to offer?last

• we pay our dog walking professionals a competitive starting wage depending on experience, regularly award merit-based raises, and paid training time
• we provide the following items to our dog walking team: small club treat bag, small club hoodie, leashes and tags, first aid and safety equipment, and safe vehicle transport equipment
• we provide weekly rations of healthy, high value treats for use with our dog clients
• access to our streamlined process to complete SF CDW requirements of insurance, license, and vehicle inspection if you have been working for another established company and did not need to provide your own. financial sponsorship available for the right candidate.
• coverage under small club’s bond
• monthly in-service training with licensed professional dog trainer
• a chance to work with some of the coolest little dogs in san francisco!
• opportunities to train in the fields of: senior dog care, special needs dog walking, dog nutrition and/or critical health care for dogs
• eligibility for promotions! to dog walker manager, senior dog specialist, or behavior/training specialist once you’ve proven your expertise, and after a minimum of 6 months with the company
• free admission to small club sponsored events
• access to our network of the best dog industry professionals in the bay area in training, veterinary care, rescue, nutrition and products
• vacation time
• we maintain a culture of high standards at small club, and management will always support you in providing excellent service to our clients
• opportunity to work with a dog care company that makes all its decisions based on the safety and well-being of our dog clients

how do i apply?

  • introduce yourself and summarize your qualifications via an email to with the subject line DOG WALKER POSITION
  • if you qualify to continue with the application process, we will request a resume, cover letter, and – at minimum –  the references listed in the job description including recommendation from your dog walking training instructor and references from previous employers and/or  from 3 current or past clients