Senior Dog Health and Nutrition Seminars 2014: “DOG FOOD” and THE BEST of BOTH WORLDS: How to combine fresh food with processed kibble

February 2nd, 20145:59 pm @


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this seminar already happened!

watch the video of dr adam’s presentation

and click here to review dr. adam’s “lecture notes” hand out from the seminar

small club presents… The Best of Both Worlds: How to combine freshly prepared whole foods with processed kibbles or canned products to address the changing nutritional needs of dogs by Dr. Adam Piaseczny

small club video: Dr. Adam Piaseczny presents “Nutrition: The Best of Both Worlds” at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue 1/30/2014

Topic Summary

Food heals! Explore the concept of adding fresh ingredients to commercially prepared food or making a homemade diet to maintain wellness for your senior pet. Learn how common concerns like digestive upset, problem skin or ears, and even joint pain can be managed with nutrition. A little knowledge can change your dog’s world!


Who is Dr Adam?

Dr. Adam, the owner and head clinician at Healthy Pets Veterinary Hospital, specializes in nutrition and diet, acupuncture, and herbal medicine. He is a ‘foodies’ vet’, keen on promoting awareness of the benefits of fresh food-based diets for pets. His style has been referred to as thorough, patient, and supportive. Dr. Adam lectures monthly at Muttville; some of his past lectures have covered clinical nutrition and medical management of geriatric pets. Dr. Adam always has animals in his family; his current main buddies are his hiking companion Ricky, a senior black Chihuahua mix, and J.J., a sweet but intense Border Collie newly adopted from Muttville.

These awesome learning experiences are sponsored by small club: big adventures for small dogs, Healthy Pets Veterinary Hospital, Muttville Senior Dog Rescue and Pawtrero Hill BathHouse & Feed Co.

Event Details:

this seminar already happened!

watch the video of dr adam’s presentation here, and review dr. adam’s “lecture notes” hand out from the seminar

Where: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Community Room, 255 Alabama Street, San Francisco, CA

When: Thursday January 30, 2014 from 7 -830pm

Why: Your dog will love you for it!

Cost: $5 donation to Muttville per person.
Admission is FREE for small club members, Healthy Pets clients, and Muttville fosters and volunteers.