Danny’s Bark-It List Item #2: make wishes come true for other Muttville hospice dogs with Danny’s Bark-It List Fund

February 6th, 201410:49 am @


hospice care doesn't have to be sad - you can make a dying dog's wish come true!

hospice care doesn’t have to be sad – you can make a dying dog’s wish come true!

i’m danny, a senior dog in hospice care with Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. i love my life, and i make a point to do something awesome every day. i even made a Bark-It List to make sure i don’t forget anything! a full year after my cancer diagnosis, i have checked many experiences off my bark-it list, and i have lived each day with joy. now it’s time to stop being selfish and give back!

i want to help other hospice mutts live their lives to the fullest too, so i started Danny’s Bark-It List Fund: to make wishes come true for other muttville hospice dogs. you can help! visit my rally.org page to donate funds for a hospice dog to do something special from their own bark-it list – it could be a day at the beach for a retriever with cancer, or a burger and fries at a dog-friendly restaurant for a shih tzu with kidney disease. whatever each dog desires most, that is what we can help them accomplish together.

living with a terminal illness doesn’t have to be sad – in fact, it makes me and the people who know me live with more passion for the moment and love for each other. take it from me – live life while you can, and make it awesome!


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nubia: turns out this girl is a real ham! she's destined to stay at small club til the end, a happy ending indeed for the noobs!

nubia: turns out this girl is a real ham! she’s destined to stay in muttville’s foster-hospice program til the end, a happy ending indeed for the noobs!

who benefits from your donation to Danny’s Bark-It List Fund for Muttville Hospice Dogs?

meet Nubia! she’s got late stage cancer and doesn’t have much time left. when i asked her what she wanted most, she said, “danny, i want to feel beautiful!”  that’s understandable – if you met the noobs you’d see that even after a shelter haircut and baths from loving volunteers at muttville, she carries with her the look of years of neglect.  your donation will enable her to enjoy a day at the doggie spa and come home to her muttville fospice family fresh and feeling awesome.




curious about danny boy?

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