small club senior dog boarding services

small club’s senior dog boarding services

  • limited to 4 clients per day
  • a cage-free alternative to “kennel” style boarding with beds of all sizes (and crates for those who love crates)
  • supervised by experienced foster and hospice dog caregivers for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue who are certified in Pet CPR and Pet First Aid
  • includes administration of prescription medications, supplements and herbs of all kinds
  • senior dog friendly environment with ramps, traction mats and other accomodations as needed
  • special needs care: insulin injections/glucometer readings for diabetic dogs, subcutaneous fluid administration, injections
  • customized special needs care plans may incur additional charges

small club’s senior dog boarding services are great for:

  • friendly dogs who can happily share a home with other dogs
  • dogs who enjoy a low key environment and respect other dog’s naptime
  • dogs who do spend time away from their primary person and are used to relaxing in new environments
  • dogs of all breeds who weigh (or should weigh!) 30 lbs or less
  • dogs whose guardians are away overnight or are in need of additional caretaking for any circumstance
  • special needs dogs whose caregivers who need a few days rest
  • dogs who need canine professionals experienced with special needs and veterinary care
  • old dogs, mellow middle-aged dogs, and special needs dogs of any age

If this does not sound like your dog, please consider our in-home petsitting services!


  • $85 per night,  includes private walk, semi-private walk, or appropriate enrichment activity
  • discounts may apply for multiple dogs from the same family or people with financial hardship

additional services offered a la carte

  • $15/trip – pick up or drop off
  • $2-$10 – per meal (small club’s homemade stew), depending on your dog’s portion size
  • $10/day – diabetes management
  • $30 each – doggy bath
  • AQ – chaperone to scheduled appointments, i.e. vet, grooming, acupuncture, massage, etc.
  • customized care not listed above – we are open to accommodating your dog’s needs. please contact us to discuss rates



24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  please apply and begin the booking process at least 1 month prior to your dog’s stay.  last minute accommodations are rarely available and incur a rush fee.


small club’s caregivers offer their dog-friendly homes located around the bay area as a comfortable place for  dogs to have their own ‘stay cation!’

our boarding setup provides a unique low pressure situation where s/he can be with one, two, or three dogs his/her own size.  small dog necessities – like stairs up to the couch – are already in place.  boarding clients benefit from our experience with nutrition and wellness for dogs of all ages. after all, we have fed wholesome food and given TLC to over 100 senior dogs! we readily accommodate any dietary needs and medication schedules. we cook homemade organic stew for our own dogs, and are able to cook your dog’s special recipe for them if needed! boarding amenities include: dozens of beds to choose from, patios for sunbathing, and lots of love!

small club in-home pet sitting: there are many reasons your dog might prefer to stay in their own home while you are out of town. contact us at small club to discuss arrangements for a small club pet sitter.

how do I sign up?

to board or to arrange in-home petsitting with small club, please fill out our online membership application!