smalls about town: we volunteer at SF SPCA Senior Dog Seminar

sf spca senior seminar - charlie in stroller, sherri franklin speaking
charlie is so damn cute
small club helps muttville

is your dog over 7 years old? you’ve got a senior dog on your hands.

there are things you need to know!

at this month’s SF SPCA Senior Dog Seminar experts shared information and resources to better care for all of our seniors.

sherri franklin, founder and executive director of Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, presented a plethora of tips and tricks to make caring for your senior dog less stressful for you (and your dog). she gave a list of helpful supplies to have on hand for your senior dog. she also shared clever devices to improve mobility, foods and supplements to support your senior’s health, and tips on how to make the transition into old age easier for you (and your dog). watch her presentation! in addition, a video produced for muttville by switchblade creative studios put old dogs on the big screen. Highlighting the cool things senior dogs love – especially the people that love them – the screening made everyone laugh. and sniffle a little.

small club seniors and slowpokes adventure
small club seniors loving the stimulation of the adventure

at small club we volunteer for senior dogs because senior dogs are awesome. they deserve our loyalty as they age. the small club seniors walk is exclusively for the mature dog in need of activity and stimulation. and a little exercise at their own pace. senior dogs and dogs with special needs are also catered to in our senior daycare and boarding services. we know all about providing nursing care for dogs – we have cared for over 30 unique seniors as a long time foster home for senior dogs from muttville senior dog rescue.

click here to find info from the following presenters and their resources for your senior dog

-Owner (and head swim coach!) of the Rex Center Cathy Chen-Renne explained the benefits of keeping your senior dog moving!

-Lisa Dossey, CTC gave an inspirational talk about remaining engaged with your old dog. she told us to think less about what they can’t do. celebrate all the things your senior dog can do! In fact, here’s a link to the “Senior Scholars” class for dogs over 7 at the SFSPCA that Lisa will be teaching.

-Dr. Scarlett, DVM advised the crowd about seniors being prone to some medical and psychological conditions.

-dr. betty j carmack, rn and grief counselor for pet loss assured us that the grief we feel upon loosing a pet family member is not to dismissed. she is a specialist in pet loss therapy and and also provides invaluable service to those who feel sadness even as their dog is entering the golden years.

a lot of people were there. there

thank you to these generous experts for sharing their invaluable experiences working with senior dogs. thank you to all the people who attended this event to learn more about senior dogs and to share their own valuable experiences. thank you to charlie the muttville dog for serving as our demo dog (again!). he is such a good sport. and it paid off for him as he met his forever person at the seminar. congrats to you, charlie, and your lucky human.

photographer chung nguyen generously volunteered to document the sf spca senior seminar in this photo album.

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