Q&A with Calvin: WILLY VON STICKLEBACK, senior jack russell for adoption… a grouchypuppy.com exclusive!

Meet Willy! He’s a carefree  jack russell terrier looking for a forever home at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. Willy’s mellow lifestyle – interrupted only by his thrilling performances at meal time – means he is as low maintenance as a dog could be. He happens to be blind – do you think that’s why he gets on so well with cats and chickens?

Hear what Willy himself has to say in his exclusive Q&A with Calvin for the famous Grouchy Puppy

whaddya mean i'm blind? i can smell you just fine!
whaddya mean i’m blind? i can smell you just fine!

 i’m willy von stickleback and i’ve got a lot to say – read my interview on grouchypuppy.com!


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