feed me: danny’s “i don’t feel so hot” chicken recipe

Most days, Danny feels like a champion. He doesn’t acknowledge that he has cancer, and enjoys the regular senior dog routine of eating, sleeping, going for an awesome hike and swim, then eating and sleeping some more. But today, Danny feels like crap.

danny: some days it hurts to have cancer.
danny: some days it hurts to have cancer.

Cue Dr. Adam’s recipes from the Senior Dog Health and Nutrition Seminars! I am going to make him this warming, strengthening “chicken soup” of a meal for dinner tonight. Since Danny is already used to eating a variety of foods, it will not do him any harm to change his foods today, even though he is not at the top of his game. If your dog routinely eats the same foods, you must introduce new foods one at a time.






INDICATIONS: warm up, strengthen, improve function of digestive tract/resolve digestive upset (gastritis, IBD, colitis, muscle wasting).


1lb ground chicken 90-95% lean

2 oz. organic beef liver

2 whole eggs

1(-2) lb. of well-cooked carbs (white rice, brown rice, or whole wheat pasta)

1 lb. of cooked/canned pumpkin

1/4 – 1/2 tsp. light salt or sea salt to taste


6 grams of powdered Calcium Carbonate or organic bone meal

1 TBS of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

2 TBS of powdered multivitamin


-lightly cook protein and organ meats

-stir in eggs till whites cook

-add Calcium, mix thoroughly till lukewarm

-fold in cooked carbs and pumpkin

-allow to cool then refrigerate, freeze parts not intended for feeing within 3 days.


-add Omega-3 and multivitamin supplement


-P/C/F ratio: 1-1(2)-1

danny: i feel awesome!
danny: i feel awesome!

Check out Dr. Adam’s seminar hand-out Guidelines for Feeding a Homemade Diet and Recipes from our August Dog Health and Nutrition Seminars, brought to you by small club, muttville senior dog rescue, and Healthy Pets veterinary hospital on the last thursday of every month. And here’s the video of his presentation! This session was so popular that we will be presenting it again in the coming months – join us! and ask Dr. Adam specific questions about your pet. Stay tuned for seminar topic announcements.

About Danny Boy: he is our awesome foster-hospice (fospice) boy from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. He’s got cancer (multiple myeloma) and most days, he doesn’t care. We’ll keep him feeling his best for as long as he wants to: with whole foods, supplements,  chinese and western herbs, and good living – adventures, love, fun, friends, family, laughter…

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