feed me: small club STEW for dogs

yum! small club STEW

on sale now! small club stew: an irresistibly tasty homemade food for dogs prepared in small batches with certified-humane meats, organic veggies and whole grains

at small club, we are nerds about nutrition.
when dogs eat real food – fresh meats, whole grains, organic vegetables, fruits, eggs, and fish – they get healthy and stay healthy. and i don’t just mean no dandruff, no yeasty ear infections, or even maintaining joint tissues to prevent torn ligaments… i mean living longer, better years without the kidney disease, liver failure or heart conditions that prematurely age so many of our pets.

to enjoy the benefits of a homecooked diet with the convenience of ready-made food, place an order for your dog at the small club big + small store.  pick up or delivery is currently available in san francisco, ca only.

for folks who love to cook, or live outside of our san francisco bay area, you can get in the kitchen and whip up your own batch of  stew. i bet your dog will assist you! our homemade diet is based on the following recipe:

A Homemade Diet Recipe for Dogs from Dr. Adam Piaseczny, chief clinician at Healthy Pets Veterinary Hospital

– a basic recipe, needs to be adjusted to individual pet’s needs/lifestyle
– rotate proteins and vary or mix carbs
– try different fruits and veggies to discover which your dog likes – we use a lot of green beans, blueberries, apples, kale, carrots, yams, and peas


1 lb    lightly cooked ground meat (chicken/beef/turkey) 5-20% fat content
2-4oz    finely chopped organic liver (beef or chicken)

4 c    well-cooked whole grain (rice, barley, quinoa), potato, or sweet potato

2-4 c chopped and lightly cooked vegetables / chopped fresh or steamed fruit

0-1   can of sardines in water/oil

1-2   eggs, no shells

powdered calcium carbonate (like Animal Essentials Seaweed Calcium)

an omega-3 supplement (fish or flax oil)

a multi-vitamin supplement (Animal Essentials, K9 Plus, Healthy Powder, Transfer Factor)


1. cook grains, yams or potatoes thoroughly. set aside to cool. well done grains are easier to digest, especially for dogs with digestive systems weakened by age or poor nutrition.
2. chop or food-process fruits and vegetables. cook vegetables. chopping and cooking breaks down the cell walls to allow mutts to access the nutrients. cook as lightly as you can for your dog’s own digestive abilities. (we cook ’em well for our older dogs)
3. lightly cook meat and organs until browned. allow to cool.
4. add raw eggs which will cook lightly with the heat of the meat
5. add calcium supplement read package for amount to add per pound of meat

6. mix in vegetables and fruit
7. mix in the grains, potatoes, or yams
8. add omega-3 fish oil and canine multi-vitamin* they can be added by the batch or to each meal per instructions on multi-vitamin

keep covered and refrigerated

rough feeding instructions:
average activity = 1 cup/day for every 10 pounds
dogs on a diet or super active dogs range from 1/2 – 2 cups/day for every 10 pounds

*multi-vitamin and mineral powders: we love to make Dr. Pitcairn’s Healthy Powder, or use Transfer Factor, K9 Plus, Missing Link, or Animal Essentials

cook it yourself or order it from small club – just make sure your dog eats real food!


tune in to see dr adam’s presentation of homemade recipes for dogs at our monthly dog health and nutrition series, brought to you by small club, healthy pets veterinary hospital, and muttville senior dog rescue

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