amber says: let’s start getting happy now! ready?

amber loves music! be sure to turn the sound on to enjoy her video (hover over the upper left corner of the video to see the sound button)

amber says: let’s start getting happy now! ready?

amber was our perfectly badass/sweetheart combo foster dog from muttville senior dog rescue. her spirited personality is inimitable.  as a muttville resident cared for by amazing volunteers, as our foster mutt, and as a very special patient of dr. adam‘s, she finally experienced the happiness and love that she deserved. for the chance to love on her, we are grateful…  thanks for the joy, amby! you made us laugh everyday. we feel relieved that you are no longer suffering from the painful symptoms of neglect: your infected, toxic teeth and subsequent severe organ damage (amby had to leave her broken body behind on july 3, 2013). we might feel sad that you didn’t get more time after your rescue to be loved on earth, but you would tell us all to go get happy now. today. right where we are with what we’ve already got. wag wag.

clearly (please reference this video) amber made the most of what she got!

love always,
russell, marie, calvin, ocean, gracie and dannyboy

music credit: symarip

1 thought on “amber says: let’s start getting happy now! ready?

  1. Rest in happy joyful peace sweet Amber! You were loved by all especially mom dad and your brothers and yes even Gracie

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