small club gear: a harness is essential for safe walking

what’s the big deal about harnesses?

small club requires all members to wear a harness and provide their own ID tags, rabies vaccination tags, and city dog license. members also wear a small club info tag and a small club leash or long line (provided for your dog on each outing) to participate in adventures.

collars are a great place to hang tags, but harnesses are essential for safely walking small dogs!

on leash walking, dragging a leash, and buckling into the car all require a harness to prevent injuries. a single pulling incident can damage your dog’s neck or crush their trachea, and long term use of a collar with leash can lead to collapsed trachea, a sadly common condition in small dogs.

not sure what kind of harness is best for your dog? read up on our recommendations and conveniently purchase your harness through the links below.

calvin’s walking gear: the sense-ation front clip harness


calvin’s choice is the sense-ation harness: a front clip harness uses the logic that you are “leading” your dog, and should be connected to their front, not their back. a tremendous tool for learning to walk without pulling – as long as you practice! comes in several sizes and colors – take the time to measure your dog for the best fit. we have weeded through hundreds of harnesses, and placed the best ones in our store… get your sense-ation harness here!

small club approved! the sense-ation harness

gracie’s choice is a sturdy step in harness from rogz. it is super easy to step in and out of.  gracie does not pull on the leash at all, she just needs a harness to keep any pressure off her neck and to securely buckle in to the car seatbelts. it comes in many colors and sizes, and is adjustable on all 3 straps for the ideal fit regardless of how big your dog’s chest is. purchase yours at the small club big and small store set up for your convenience!

gracie’s walking gear: a step in harness with straps that keep pressure off her neck


small club approved! step in harness from rogz













still not sure what type of harness your dog needs? ask us in person or in the comments section below! your small club dogwalker has used hundreds of harnesses over the years and is happy to help you select the best one for the way your dog walks.

are you a dognerd? click to learn more about dog walking gear in the whole dog journal.

a quick note about leashes… we suggest nylon or cotton leashes with strong but light hardware that does not weigh down your smaller dog.  find small club approved leashes ready for purchase at the big and small store!




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