small club: enter to win the photo caption contest here

enter your fabulous caption at end of this blog to win!

small club pack leaders sound off… but what are they saying? write a caption for ocean and calvin! someone is going to win a truly grand prize: the small club ‘trix and treats’ gift pack – it might as well be you! and every entry receives a prize: a coupon for a free small small club stew. yum.

so, here’s how to enter: at the end of this post, enter your name, email and clever caption. click “add comment” and you’re done!

enter by may 1st. the grand prize winner will be notified by email and announced here at

the small club trix and treats gift pack is valued at over $200! it includes

– a happy hounds massage: complete session including evaluation, assessment and treatment – all in the comfort of your home

beast of the bay winner: best canine massage therapist








–  3 baths: wait, is this the “trix” part? at pawtrero bathhouse and feed co.

beast of the bay runner up: best pet boutique and best free treats









sf raw treat pack: 3 different treats, made in house from certfied humane meats

beast of the bay: best locally-made stuff


sf raw turkey and pumpkin treats headed to the dehydrater








paw patch pastries: paw of the month club membership, scrumptious home baked organic dog delights delivered to you for 3 months

beast of the bay runner up: best dog friendly bakery








small club stew: one pound of our beloved fresh-cooked dog food, ingredients tailored for your dog’s taste

small club stew: our grain-free version includes certified-humane beef and organ meat from marin sun farms, and veggies like green beans, carrots and sweet potatoes!










– small club awesome bandana: your choice from our ‘big and small store’

beast of the bay: best dog walker runner up and best dog sitter runner up









senior dog health care and nutrition with dr. adam piaseczny: free admission for you and one friend to the monthly seminar for the rest of the year

ocean says, “i love vegetables!”


so, do your best! enter your caption here in the “leave a reply” section … ocean and calvin will be judging entries on may 1st!


11 thoughts on “small club: enter to win the photo caption contest here

  1. Ocean, ” hey Calvin, do you think we can blame the last “boo boo” on Gracie?” Calvin, “yeah Ocean, I like the way you think”.

  2. Ocean: “I wish he’d just shut up already!”
    Calvin: “Hey! Don’t forget to grab me some treats while you’re in there”

  3. Ocean: “Officer, please ignore my brother.”
    Calvin: “What?? I wasn’t speeding!! I’m just tryin to get to Stella & Chewy’s Headquarters!”

  4. Invisible Takeout Order person: “May I take your order?”

    Calvin: “Yeah! I’ll take 5 bowls of small club stew, 2 biggie sized Frosty Paws, a pint of blueberries and a jumbo fresh spring water, and make it snappy!”

    Ocean: “I hope you take credit cards. I have my mom’s”

  5. Ocean: “Please ignore my brother, Officer”

    Calvin: “I wasn’t speeding! I was just in a rush to get to the Stella & Chewy’s Headquarters!”

  6. ocean : “OMG, get me out of this car. He is so annoying.”
    calvin: “You’re just jealous bc I get all the chicks.”

  7. Ocean, sighs: “I warned you about this one.”
    Calvin: “Let me explain! It’s not my fault!”

  8. ocean: ok Calvin, Russell’s definitely not looking…

    calvin: …and I’ve got the keys so let’s hit the road.

  9. Calvin:
    “If corporations are people, dogs are people! No tax on dog food!”

    “Does this harness make me look fat?”

  10. Ocean – “What …? We’re waiting for you and listening to the radio, can we get going already?”

    Calvin – “Who let the dogs out, woof, woof, woof …”

  11. Ocean: “Calvin, let’s get out and dance.” Music blaring in the car.
    Calvin: “Oh Ocean, you have two left feet but we can walk and play like super pups!”

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