beast of the bay awards 2013: small club wins runner-up in both ‘dog walking’ and ‘dog sitting’ thanks to your votes…


small club is a winner in bay woof’s beast of the bay awards 2013


congratulations to all the fantastic winners of bay woof’s annual “beast of the bay awards!” small club is thrilled to be a runner-up in both the dog walking and dog sitting categories. thank you to all our fans who took the time to vote for us!

small club is awesome. but why? it is because of you, our members, supporters and collaborators. you make us strong, and you enable us to provide outstanding service to our members and volunteer for our community at large.

it is your support that gave us the opportunity to achieve the following in the last year:


1. provide a foster home for 15 homeless senior dogs from ‘best rescue group’ muttville senior dog rescue, which allows great dogs to live, and live happily, until they are adopted to a forever home

2. stick to our most valuable policy: a maximum of 5 dogs per human on our walks!

3. collaborate with the best trainers – like this year’s winner Lisa Gunter of Pawsitive Tails

4. keep our own dogs, our member dogs, and our foster dogs healthy with integrative care – that’s western medicine, chinese medicine, vitamins supplements and herbs, acupuncture, laser therapy, nutrition therapy, chiropractic care, surgeries, dentals and sage advice from Healthy Pets Veterinary Hospital, runner up for ‘best vet clinic’ and ‘best alternative medicine provider.’  and the winner of ‘best dog massage therapist,’ shelah barr of happy hounds massage, donates her services to our foster dogs in need of a healing touch.

5. provide care for very special dogs like PQ, our first diabetic foster dog who received unique attention from Dr. Adam Piaseczny,

PQ: small club’s diabetic foster dog and skater chick

and Sassfras, whose remarkable recovery from FHO surgery was guided by this year’s best chiropractor and runner-up for best vet Dr. Ilana Strubel… Sassfras also benefitted from the donation of assisted swimming rehabilitation at this year’s ‘best dog-friendly pool’  the Rex Center.  you can watch the video we made of sassafras’ recovery here! sassafras: a success story! rehabbed and rehomed

6. share our good fortune with other humans by hiring 2 terrific dog walkers, an invaluable administrative assistant, and 3 small club in-home boarding locations

7. engage in ongoing education about dog training and health care. our commitment to nutrition and nutrition therapy means collaborating with experts like the folks at San Francisco Raw Feeders (SFRaw) – winners for ‘best locally made dog stuff’ and the source for the certified-humane meats we cook into our delicious small club stew

small club’s homemade stew – the grain-free version helps gracie keep the weight off!

8. visit cuba’s animal protection group, Aniplant, where we gained more than we gave, and were able to share the abundant resources of our bay area community through the ‘suitcase for cuban animals’ project

street dogs and cats in cuba
street dogs and cats like these get loving care from Aniplant in cuba


so, what will happen as our little club gets big?

our commitment to providing outstanding, safe, small-scale care for small dogs won’t change. our small business philosophy ensures that we keep our walking groups small and our boarding loft uncrowded. we will always take a special interest in your dog’s well-being and guide you to the best resources available in the bay area. we are excited to invite more members to join small club – senior dogs and youngsters who will thrive with us continue to apply, and we admit members gradually to keep our groups balanced and small.

and we can guarantee you that as we grow the business side of small club, our ability to volunteer increases, too: by walking any foster dog for free, educating dog-lovers about health care through our blog, hosting monthly senior dog health care lectures with dr. adam piasecnzy, providing a foster home for up to 3 senior dogs at a time, getting media exposure for animal protection and rescue groups, promoting humane treatment of farm animals  (yes, the ones we are feeding to our dogs)… we are engaging in our community, learning valuable information and connecting with resource providers that ultimately circles back to helping us give the best care t0 our members.  this year, we look forward to expanding our free walks for foster dogs program and introducing our new international animal rescue effort – starting with our cuban dog sponsorship program… coming soon!

thank you, small club members, fans and supporters for making this all possible.


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