small club hosts monthly lecture series: Traditional Chinese Medicine for Dogs Part 2

Acupuncture, Herbs and Nutrition for Dogs: Traditional Chinese Medicine


the first time mister rufus met dr. adam (2010) he was so miserably itchy that he had to wear a cone 24/7  to keep from shredding his own skin… want to see how he is today? come to the lecture to meet rufus yourself, and learn how he transformed with good food and TCM!















Does your dog itch and scratch constantly? Or have recurring tummy concerns?
Join us for this month’s Dog Health Workshop!

the next lecture is: THURSDAY JUNE 27Th, 7-830pm at MUTTVILLE HEADQUARTERS, 255 alabama street at 16th street, san francisco, ca.

the topic is: TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE FOR DOGS part 2 –  Fixing the Middle Burner: Treating Your Dog’s Liver and Spleen Disharmony with TCM

Dr. Adam of Healthy Pets Veterinary Hospital will focus on TCM diagnosis and treatment of common skin and intestinal disorders, with emphasis on nutritional and herbal support to correct the underlying causes of those complex problems. The lecture is followed by a 30 minute question and answer session.

This ongoing lecture series will provide monthly presentations focusing on a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) approach to skin/ear problems, kidney disease, heart failure, cancer treatment, etc.

FREEBIES! Get the awesome goodie bags, courtesy of Pawtero Bathhouse and Feed Co. that include samples of “Dr. Adam-approved” treats and food. We also have samples from The Honest Kitchen.

$5 donation, open to the public. We will pass around a donation jar during the event. All donations will go towards the care of senior dogs who are currently for adoption at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

We thank Dr. Adam for donating his time to help Muttville folks and the public learn more about caring for our dogs.

Please sign up at this Eventbrite link:  to ensure we accommodate everyone attending. We want to make sure we bring enough goodie bags!

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To join us remotely during the lecture using Google + hangout: check back here, or go to our facebook Event page where we’ll post the link to participate.

handouts from previous lectures, including intro to traditional chinese medicine for dogs, basic canine nutrition, common recurring problems with senior dogs, and arthritis and weight management are available online on muttville’s resources page.

small club is honored to be able to bring this educational and valuable event to Muttville, thanks to our favorite vet, dr. adam piaseczny, owner of healthy pets veterinary hospital. as you know, we are big nerds about pet nutrition and alternative health care. this stuff really works! we love learning about nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture, laser therapy and food tips from dr. adam and all the great vets at healthy pets. thanks to adam, we have our signature “small club stew”, a homemade organic, torture-free (i.e. certified humane meats) recipe that is served to the residents and clients at small club.

what do you want to learn? please send in your questions! you all have a question you have been dying to ask a vet who is an expert at both Eastern and Western medicine, informed on alternative treatments and simply knows the answers to questions like, “how do I figure out how to make my dog stop itching?” “why are my dog’s ears so stinky?” “what are the best fruits and vegetables for dogs?” “are supplements really that important – why can’t they just get it all in the food I buy?” your input and  interests guide the focus of our lecture series, and dr. adam will answer your specific question at the next lecture!

who is dr adam?

dr. adam and his 16-year-old dog, arlo


dr adam is the owner and chief clinician of  healthy pets veterinary hospital. he specializes in integrative medicine with an emphasis on preventative health care through nutrition, nutritional supplements, Chinese Herbology and therapies, like Acupuncture, Tui Na, and Phototherapy.

Read more about small club’s favorite vet.








ocean says, “i love vegetables!”


9 treasures: danny with his chinese herbal formula “8 treasures,” taken to tonify his blood. danny feels strong in spite of his cancer diagnosis. thanks, traditional chinese medicine!

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