calvin: how to cope with scary stuff: surviving the blue angels air show and other noisy things

my killer advice on how to cope with being an anxious dog and not die…

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here’s another scary thing i hate: the blue angels!
“blue angels” sound like angels of death to me. so loud! so unpredictable! when the noise begins, i cant see anything in the sky, then suprise! enormous blue and yellow birds make a tight turn over bernal hill and swoop down over my house. i’m told it’s for fun, that these angel birds are just showing off. but to me, the threat is great. why does no one else realize they are going to get us? the 3 other dogs sleep peacefully through the attack. maybe one of them twitches an ear at the sonic boom. clearly, i am the only one who can save us!

blue angels scare me

no matter how i try i can’t chase the blue angels out of the sky –

but my experience can help you survive the horror!

my scaredy-cat protocol:

1. a healthy breakfast of meat and vegetables with no preservatives

2. a series of herbs and supplements help me keep my cool. or at least, take the edge off. i will eat each of these in a wad of delicious cream cheese. please ask you vet or holistic expert what dosage you should take for your size, then try them – it can’t hurt to try!
-Valerian root capsules a calming herb to reduce my anxiety: 250 mg
-L-Theanine an amino acid that helps me make good thoughts in my brain: more cream cheese with that. yum.
-Standard Process Min-Tran a mineral supplement designed to boost minerals that my body uses to be TRANQUIL!!! i take this every day, since even average days can get me on edge.

3. Bach Pet Rescue Remedy, or some of my own special flower essence blend (don’t laugh, it helps!) from the amazing claudia at Stars in Jars: 4 drops in my water bowl.

that’s a mellow start to my day, right?

4. a long walk to use up the energy I could use to worry later

as the hour of the attack (humans call this the air show, fireworks, street fair…) approaches:

5. humans, remain calm. i can tell if you are anxious about the event. or if you are anxious about me freaking out about the event. do your own calming and send your energy to me.

6. put on my Thundershirt for a constant hug, known as compression therapy

7. get a drop of flower essence on my forehead

8. do you have a place you feel safe? go there! it could be your favorite bed, your crate, maybe even under the bed… wherever you feel most comfortable. i get told to go to my crate where there is my favorite bone waiting for me! being there helps me relax, and the bone distracts me. please don’t send your dog to a crate unless they have been trained to think it is a great place to be.

when it finally happens, i am still scared – but less reactive than i would have been without my anti-stress routine.
so far, a blue angel hasn’t killed me or anyone i love. so far.

9. recover

10. start worrying about next year!


if you use the links in my blog or shown below to purchase a supplement i recommend, a small percentage of your purchase price returns to me – and i will use it to buy supplements for our foster dogs from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue! try it.

plain l-theanine for dogs or people:

l-theanine blend for people:

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