Gracie’s Old Dog Review: joint supplements

old bones must remain on couch
some days i’m achy and i want to stay on the couch

ouch. my knees hurt. my hips hurt. my back hurts. but i want to get out to smell the new smells around town….

my people insist that i walk a little every day. some days i don’t feel like it, but i need the exercise; i need to keep this old body moving so it doesn’t stiffen up even more. and i get so bored when i stay home.

gracie: jogging at the park
some days i’m less sore and i want to jog in the park.

let’s be honest – for me personally, walking is always going to hurt a little. but i have a regimen of things i do to keep pain before, during and after walks to a minimum.


my number one recommendation today is…GLYCO-FLEX!  it’s a joint supplement. here’s what is in it:

Glyco-Flex I: basic support.
This formula contains high levels of glucosamine and green perna mussels. and Dimethylglycine (DMG), an antioxidant, to help counteract free radicals.

 did you know that “free radicals” are both produced by inflammation AND cause inflammation? stop the madness! eat antioxidants. eat a blueberry.

Glyco-Flex II: moderate joint support.
In addition to the Level 1 ingredients, level 2 includes methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and manganese, which is a mineral synergist of glucosamine. wait, synergists? that’s what you call the pieces you need to have in place to actually use the glucosamine.     just straight glucosamine doesn’t repair joints all by itself – you need all the building blocks present. that’s why any type of dietary supplement, if completely separated from it’s nutritional base, may have little to no effect. including the right synergists in supplements (or making sure your diet includes them) means the supplement can be way more effective.

Glyco-Flex III: optimal support.
In addition to the MSM and manganese, it contains grape seed extract, the powerful antioxidants Vitamins C & E, L-Glutathione, and Selenium. i read up on these ingredients, and i tested the product personally. i approve!

gracie, oshi and marie running on the beach
i love it when i feel like running on the beach

i’m always trying to save money – maybe you are too.  i’ll let you know that the “chewable tablets” are usually a better deal than the “soft-chews.”  you pay a little bit more, but then you only need to eat half as much per dose. Math!

keep reading the “Old Dog Review” by gracie (that’s me!) to get info on each of my suggestions for dealing with sore joints. since i can only walk 15 minutes at a time i have plenty of time to blog about my old dog life.

more joint loving stuff i do…

-i eat 1 “Pain Plus” herbal pills with each meal. they contain yucca, boswelia, meadowsweet, cornus, licorice and ginger. it’s an excellent herbal anti-inflammatory that can delay or reduce your need for meds like rimadyl or metacam. click on the bottle for a good price:

– i keep my joints warm with a blanket or a heating pad…and sometimes i get a little warming massage before my walk

– i only walk 15 minutes, then take a break. only go as long as you can without limping or waddling, then do it again after a rest

– i put ice on my knees when they are hot to the touch

– i sleep on a really supportive bed

– i make my people press some acupressure points for me

– i use these supplements daily:

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Iceland Pure Unscented Pharmaceutical Grade Sardine Anchovy Oil For Dogs and Cats.Bottle Size 33oz

Animal Essentials Natural Seaweed Calcium, 340 Grams

RESOURCES Canine Pain Plus (120 Tablets)

Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes & Probiotics, 300 Grams


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