twiggs’ journey: an older poodle’s search for a new home

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our dear Twiggs is friendly, active and outgoing, but mellow like most senior dogs. easy to please and in excellent health, he lives happily with 4 other dogs in his foster home. but for Twiggs, the real joy in his life comes from his people. if you have to work, he won’t mind. he will spend his time chewing bones (not shoes – remember, he is a senior dog!) and napping. when you come home, he will joyfully greet you, then take you on a walk around the neighborhood for that fresh air you need. he hopes you want to take him on a hike or to the beach too – but as long as he is with you, he will be happy with anything!

twiggs' journey

Twiggs has put on pounds of muscle and learned how to come when called since joining senior small club. right now, Twiggs is enrolled in small club’s “free walks for foster dogs” program. he gets to go on senior small club adventures 3 times a week free of charge. we believe that socializing and exercising are keys to adjusting to a new life. being in foster care means that a rescued dog is safe and loved. foster parents give selflessly and small club loves to help! by donating our awesome adventures to these dogs, we encourage them to grow strong physically and emotionally and to be ready for their forever homes.

in support of Twiggs, we will donate 2 free senior small club adventures (must be in san francisco) to you if you adopt him from Muttville Senior Dog Rescue this weekend at maddie’s adoptathon! not to mention, all adoption fees will be waived.

someone out there deserves a dog like Twiggs. and he deserves a home like yours.

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fill out an adoption application in advance to get dibs on Twiggs!

or show up to meet Twiggs this weekend in San Francisco at the Muttville booth at Maddie’s Adoptathon Street Fair:

Saturday, June 9: 10 AM – 6 PM

Sunday, June 10: 10 AM – 6 PM

15th Street between Alabama and Harrison

twiggs’ big smile

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