feed me: a home cooked meal for a rainy winter day















please!! we want a hot meal! pijo and calvin begging for homemade food
please!! we will do tricks for a hot meal!










it’s cold and rainy. you feel like eating something warming. so does your dog. here’s how to make an easy home cooked meal!

for a special meal on a rainy day, don’t worry about perfection – just mix the best ingredients you have. find a balanced recipe for long-term feeding in our blog feed me: a recipe from vet dr. adam piaseczny.

to make about 6 cups of food you will need:

simple homemade dog food
cooked homemade dog food for a cold day



1 pound of ground meat (2 cups)

1 cup uncooked rice or 3 potatoes

1 cup of vegetables (fresh or frozen)

1-3 yams

1. thoroughly cook a source of carbs: brown rice, white rice, barley, potato. skip this step for grain-free dogs

2. chop some green or orange vegetables: frozen or fresh green beans, kale, yams. try  fruits: blueberries, apples.

3. steam or boil in water the veg and fruit until it is soft – the longer you cook it the easier it will be for your older or sensitive dog to digest.

4. finally! brown some ground meat. or chop up bits of your rotisserie chicken.

5. get a cup. mix 1 part carbs, 1 part veg, and 1 part meat. for grain-free dogs mix 1 part meat and 1 part veg. if you give your dog supplements such as fish oil, plain yogurt/probiotics, bone meal or joint support add these now.

6. serve warm

we feed the small clubbers at least 1 cup of food for every 10 pounds, depending on their level of activity. poor chubby gracie only gets half as much…

7. stay inside, stay dry, play tug with your dog, snuggle up and watch a movie!


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