isn’t she lovely: our new foster dog looks like a lamb (by calvin)

Hello Lovely!

lovely from muttville senior dog rescue
welcome to your foster home, Lovely

she looks like a little lamb. her dark eyes are soft and deep set. her tan fur is cropped short from a “shelter cut.” she is our new foster dog here at small club headquarters!

she is called Lovely because she is quiet, dignified and beautiful. of course, we also call her Sneaky. every time i turn around, there she is. she sneaks up on me, stares at my back and hopes i will turn into food. she is skinnier than i am – they are feeding her twice as much as i get!


i will tell you what i know about her so far. she has not yet authorized an interview with me. she likes to walk around the house, stare at my toys, watch tv, and just like all my senior friends, sleep.  she has an awesome smile, just look at this picture.

Lovely's smile (muttville senior dog rescue)
look at the smile on this lady!


and here’s the best part. she is for adoption! you can have this lovely senior lady in your life – if you can provide¬† her with a forever home. watch the small club blog for updates on Lovely. wait patiently for her profile to go up on the muttville available mutts page or email muttville senior dog rescue about Lovely.

Lovely sleeping (muttville senior dog rescue)
Lovely counts sheep

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