frances and mister mouse: now fostering a senior pomeranian from muttville senior dog rescue

muttville senior dog rescue pomeranian OLIVIA is in foster care with small clubbers! how do they feel about sharing their home? read on…

olivia, pomeranian for adoption from muttville senior dog rescue
olivia is in foster care with small club members frances and mister mouse



frances and mister mouse
(small club founding member and muttville alumnus, respectively) are sharing their home with a beautiful pom named olivia. they feel proud to foster their 4th homeless senior dog while the perfect forever home is found.  frances admitted that she hopes olivia gets adopted soon before her moms fall in love with her. as for mister mouse, well, he doesn’t really like anyone in his personal space bubble but says he will share the rest of the house. he knows what it is like to be homeless so he tries to be nice.

olivia, pomeranian for adoption from muttville senior dog rescue
olivia, pomeranian for adoption from muttville senior dog rescue, chills out in her foster home

they both report that fostering senior dogs is pretty easy. and that you can do it, too.  small club donates walks to foster dogs in need, so olivia will be coming along on our adventures to exercise and socialize. it’s just what she needs! olivia was born with her legs twisted around in a unique fashion. i am certain that she has no idea that she is different than anyone else – she scampers about and plays as vivaciously as any pomeranian i have met! sweet olivia loves to sit in your bag, and her tiny 4 pound frame fits comfortably in even the most stylish purse. she would be delighted to spend her days swinging from your shoulder and going everywhere with you.   her foster moms report that she loves to shop and dine out. read  olivia’s complete profile here. fill out an adoption application and request to meet olivia – and any other cool dogs you see for adoption from muttville senior dog rescue.

frances, small club's first member
frances is the queen bee

frances says:  adopt OLIVIA! so i can get back to being the only gorgeous pom girl in the house!

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